Letting Go 3:5 …continued from Put It On the Shelf Practicing mindfulness tools during times when we're free of stress and overwhelming feelings, helps us to utilize them when we're under pressure. Right now, as you read this, experiment with putting something on the shelf (see this blog post), even if you’re not particularly [...]

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Reaching Out

Seeing the Big Picture 2:3 …continued from Fear Were you a happy teenager? Did you like and trust people? If you were anything like me and many other people I know, the answer to these questions would be a resounding NO. When I was a teenager, I had decided that other people, especially adults, could [...]

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Mindful Quotes for May

We’ve moved out of New York City! My home for more than 40 years! I haven’t been on my site, on Twitter or FB for almost two weeks. I never understood why moving was always on the top of any ‘most-stressful-life-events’ list, along with major illness, death of a loved one, loss of a job [...]

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Becoming Aware 1:1- What is Our Purpose?

Situating Yourself: What is Our Purpose Here? Like everyone else, you probably are searching for something in this life to satisfy a dream, a longing, or something that you can’t even name. As you begin to read this book you may even have an agenda for yourself. Perhaps you’re looking for answers to the gnawing [...]

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Mindful Quotes for July

On an unfamiliar road, Don’t pretend you’re Not lost. Just ask where you are: It’s a real shortcut. Japanese Folk Zen Saying “We ought to listen to music or sit and practice breathing at the beginning of every meeting or discussion.” Thich Nhat Hanh “Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual [...]

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