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Project Description

Killing Sacred

Killing Sacred

An Alex Sullivan Zen Mystery. After One Hand Killing comes Killing Sacred

Desperate to put some distance between herself and New York City and to recover from a freak bicycle crash, NYPD Detective Alex Sullivan flees to Albuquerque. As soon as the wheels of her plane touch down, the bodies begin to drop.

Far from the sanctuary she was seeking, Alex finds herself isolated in a hot, desolate landscape surrounded by scorpions, rattlers and all things venomous. Under the ferocious sun of New Mexico’s endless deserts, Alex is tested by the hellfire of a sinister cult and her head injury makes chasing bad guys a high-risk gamble. How in the world will she survive the heat?

Alex Sullivan, NYPD Homicide Detective, was first introduced in One Hand Killing and returns here in Killing Sacred to continue her battle with demons: both the ones within and the ones that find her on whatever mean street she’s walking.

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