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What students have experienced in Nancy’s classes, workshops and retreats:

“This is a guided tour through the experience of meditation. Nancy provides confident access to a world I formerly found frightening and intimidating. I now find it friendly and useful.” –Scott

“This experience helped me put together the various pieces of my work and spiritual life. The philosophy and practice is so simple yet so powerful. Amazing experience! More growth in six weeks than one year of therapy.” –Lauren

“Sharing meditation with others has really helped me to quickly move to a level of peace and concentration that I was unable to achieve at home over a much greater period of time. The learning here has been very useful in my everyday life.” –Diane

“The consistency of meeting weekly helped not just during those evenings, but spread into my daily life. It deepened my overall awareness of myself and renewed my excitement about meditation and this way of life in general.” –Debbie

“The total experience was enhanced by the physical environment. Most of all Nancy’s quiet, calm, reassuring approach made this a beautiful beginning meditation experience.” –Bertie

“I learned, how to sit quietly, where to breathe from, how to let the air in and stay in the moment.” –Christine

“I feel like I’m at the beginning of a wonderful spiritual journey. For once there’s no pressure to know where I’m going or how I’ll get there or even if I’ll take off at all. There’s power in knowing that it is something I can do.” –Margaret

“I learned (again) the power of non-judgment (my thoughts, fears, obsessions etc.); how to breathe from my belly and lose my shoulders; the beauty of stillness; how to be quiet with other people present.” –Nanette

“A whole new breath, a whole new life!” –Lynne

“Nancy’s class reminded me to slow down and feel my life.” –Kathryn

Every time I come to one of your weekends it is even better than the one before. You always help me release whatever needs to be released at the moment. I am so grateful to you.” –Janet

“Thank you for your grace and generosity of spirit.” –Suzy

“Your expansive, creative, embracing way is very infectious. I am interested to learn more as the “way” seems endless!” –Carole

“This was a truly wonderful and incredible weekend. With a lot of patience and compassion you not only guided us but also answered our questions. I hope I’ll be able to do this again soon.” –Katrin

“Thank you for all that you introduced me to and helped me to integrate into a budding ‘discipline’.” –Evelyn

“Thank you for introducing me to a new path in my journey. The summer of ’98 was joyous and healthy and wonderful for many reasons, but it was monumental because, that July, I discovered Zen Buddhist meditation, a practice I continue to this day. For this, I am indebted to you.” With all good wishes, –Caroline McKenzie

“You will find patience, calm, and peace in your life with Nancy, I promise.” –Vanessa

“Nancy’s wisdom has encouraged my meditation practice. She has given me the skills to still my thoughts.” –NYC Student

“Nancy’s intro to meditation class has helped me be much more present in each moment of my life and it has helped begin a good foundation to be mindful and meditate. Thank you, Nancy.” –Ann

“This class helped me bring peacefulness and meditation into my life. Thank you for helping me begin to bring this practice into my life.” –NYC Student

“The intro to meditation class really gives you a taste for how to bring this enriching experience into your life.” –NYC Student

“I really enjoyed the class and I would have liked for the course to be longer. I will definitely continue with my meditation practice. I absolutely enjoyed reading the book.” –NYC Student

“Nancy’s introduction to meditation was the perfect start to practicing on my own. It allowed me to enter meditation with my own perceptions and vocabulary and ultimately make the time my own, which I’ve carried into the rest of my life. It’s helped me relax into being myself.” –NYC Student

“A wonderful experience. I believe I’m finally building a meditation practice. I feel more centered and present. I would definitely take this, or another, class with Nancy. –Liz

Nancy’s teachings have opened the door to a serene, present and judgment free way of living. Thank you.” –Brenna

“Nancy has been an inspirational guide on my journey with developing a meditation practice.” –NYC Student

“I didn’t think sitting and breathing for 20 minutes would be so challenging, but the impact on my daily life is worth it. I’m more present and self-aware and less judgmental.” –NYC Student

“Nancy knows just how to help a beginner get started! She teaches with clarity, openness and encouragement, wherever you are in your journey.” –Peggy