Indeed, we all have suffered frustration, and sometimes we let it carry us into a state of anxiety and depression. From experience, we know that that state of mind never relieves the frustration; it only aggravates it. Let’s take a moment to look at the most common source of frustration and then how we might avert it.

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Generally, frustration seeps in and takes hold of us when our needs go unfulfilled and our problems remain unresolved. It begins with a desire for something and a craving for resolution. This wanting is only human. It is our attachment to the outcome that causes us so much discomfort.

When you feel the slightest twinge of frustration, take a few moments to determine its source. Look again at what it is that you want, and see if you can notice the real difference between that and what it is you’ve been given. Maybe it’s simply the same thing packaged differently. Maybe it’s something altogether different and something you never could have imagined.

Be open to letting this new thing in and letting go of your original desire. Maybe it’s better. Maybe it’s just different.

The practice here is not to give up your desire—you are, after all, only human—but to be aware of it and where it takes you. Practice going after what you want and preparing yourself for the manifestation of it, however it comes to you. Be open to all the possibilities. Let go of the ending you’ve already written for your life. Be present to the way in which your life unfolds without attempting to adjust it to your vision of how it ought to be.

What your life has in store for you is even greater than you can imagine, so give yourself over to it. Do the work, and then let go and delight in the wondrous nature of it. Learn to live life on life’s terms and frustration will be kept at bay.

from Serenity in Motion – Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere

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