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The Song of Zazen

The holidays, the election, and the uncertainty ahead have many of us worried and out of sorts: I know no better way to return to the center and maintain serenity than meditation. In my case it takes the form of Zazen – “sitting meditation” – and below is a beautiful paean for this practice [...]

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Bodhisattva’s Vow

When I, a student of Dharma, Look at the real form of the universe, All is the never-failing manifestation Of the mysterious truth of Tathagata. In any event, in any moment, and in any place, None can be other than the marvelous revelation Of its glorious light. This realization made our ancestral teachers and [...]

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Work Harmony

It’s unfortunate that the routine of working has such a bad rap these days. Since we spend the bulk of our day working, our attitude toward it determines our level of harmony in relation to it. So if we are stuck in negativity—blaming our boss, the job itself, and the long hours we spend at [...]

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Quotes for June

One purpose of our practice is to enjoy our old age. But we can’t fool ourselves. Only sincere practice will work. Suzuki Roshi Boun's Buddhas We have been conditioned to withdraw our awareness from the unpleasant. Break that imprinting! Whatever limits the entrance of awareness limits healing. When it’s “the” pain, it has [...]

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Mindful Bathing

There are certain daily practices that we all engage in to maintain our physical and mental health, with eating, sleeping, and bathing being the three main ones. Whether you’re mindful of it or not, most likely you already have established habits of bathing. It is probably a daily act that takes place at about the [...]

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