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Expect the Unexpected

Life sometimes takes such surprising twists and turns that we can either be thrown off balance and never recover, or we can be led to new and exciting adventures and possibilities, especially if we are awake enough to notice and brave enough to take advantage. My life is now entering a new phase of wonder that started when Michael and I moved from New York City to Columbia county New York two years ago, and is now beyond my wildest dreams. I never would have predicted where I am, how I am spending my time and what my innermost heart’s desires are today.

Pastel Still Life in Process

It started when I took my first art class with Judith Zeichner last year. Her enthusiasm for art, for teaching and for motivating students – not to mention her own amazing art – grabbed hold of me and inspired me to turn off my internal critic and just draw or paint or color what I see and how I see it. It is all I think about now and all I want to do! I have a new passion at the ripe old age of 66, proving that it’s never too late. It’s a beautiful thing!

I’m venturing into new mediums, new ways of expressing myself beyond words and I’m about to sign a lease on my very own art studio space. It is all so magical, enlivening and wonderful. And there just isn’t time or interest any more to keep up my blog and social media posts. So I am placing a huge semi-colon on those two things, knowing that another twist in the future could swing me right back around to them once more.

I will continue to teach meditation up here in my new home and work with anyone who needs or wants private spiritual coaching (in person or via Skype). I can’t imagine a life without a spiritual community; but writing and blogging are on hold for a while. I will be in touch if and when a new meditation class starts up or a weekend meditation event is planned (or you can just check on my website), but other than that I will be happily drawing and painting and applying color in as many different ways as I am drawn to or can dream up.

I hope each and every one of you are doing what you love doing with your “one wild and precious life” (to steal a beautiful line from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day). And if you’re not doing that right now, I hope you are led to do it soon.

With love and gratitude, Nancy

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  1. Michael Levine June 12, 2017 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    Hi. Very upbeat and inspiring piece. Best of everything to you on your new path. I look forward to seeing your work if you care to post it. This still life is fantastic. I feel motivated to create! Thanks! XXOO

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