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God is in the Details

Seeing the Big Picture 2:6

…continued from Learning to See Again

If you take the suggestions outlined here, you will begin to notice your awareness blossom. As you open to your world, start paying attention to the details around you. One small thing you can do to constantly remind yourself to stay alert, to keep your eyes open, to look for the miracles in your everyday life, is to move your watch to your opposite wrist (or, if you don’t wear a watch and use your phone for timekeeping, carry it in a different pocket or pouch).

Watching Time

Watching Time

Seems like such a small thing. No problem, you might say. Just try it. You might be surprised by the consequences. First, you may have a hard time even strapping it to the other wrist Right side up gets all turned around. You will probably continue to look at the usual wrist each time you want to know the time and may even be bothered by the feel of the watch around the other wrist. It may feel awkward at first. That is just the feeling we’re looking for.

When you wear your watch on its usual wrist, the watch disappears; you are hardly aware of its presence. When it is placed on your other wrist, your awareness of the watch is heightened, and you might even experience discomfort.

Notice how many times each day you automatically check your wrist (or your phone) for the time. Each time you do so and register an awkward feeling, remind yourself to look around. Notice where you are, whom you’re with, the color of the table in front of you, your friend’s hairstyle or new shirt. Utilize your purpose tool—breathe and ground yourself in the now.

Einstein once said that God is in the details. Keep this in mind as you move through your life with your new eyes. If you had to, could you give an accurate description of the person who serves you coffee each morning, or of the newspaper vendor? What color are your boss’s eyes?

For one week, as you begin to pay attention to the details around you, at the end of each day write in your Quiet Corner notebook as much of the day’s details as you can remember. Be specific. If you noticed a window box with flowers, name the flowers and their colors. Pansies, gold and purple. Choose your own style to record your recollections. Write in narrative form, or write a poem. Tell a story, or make a list. The form doesn’t matter, just the details . You may want to jot things down throughout the day. Make a habit of carrying around a small notebook for just such occasions.

Move your watch, change your life.


To be continued…

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  1. Michael Levine June 9, 2016 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    EVERYTHING MATTERS, but I’m still looking at my watch every 2 seconds…except when I sit. thanks

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