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Work Harmony

It’s unfortunate that the routine of working has such a bad rap these days. Since we spend the bulk of our day working, our attitude toward it determines our level of harmony in relation to it. So if we are stuck in negativity—blaming our boss, the job itself, and the long hours we spend at work for our distress—no matter how our work evolves, we will stay stuck until we shift our attitude. The bad news here is that it’s entirely up to you—not your boss, your situation, or the money you make—to change.

HarmonyThe good news is that it’s entirely up to you. You and only you have the power to transform the effect work has on you. Only you can transform a feeling of dread when going to work into joyful anticipation. Sometimes you may discover that nothing short of leaving your job and moving on to something else is the answer. But most of the time all you need to do is adopt a positive attitude. This may not happen all at once and it may not happen naturally. So the way to get to a positive attitude is one step at a time, one task at a time.

Bring your full attention—your entire body, mind, and spirit—into the doing of each work activity.

If your task is dependent on someone else and that person is not cooperating, move on to the next thing, rather than get caught in the web of griping and waiting and, hence, not working. When you notice yourself thinking about coming to the end of what you’re doing or about how nice it will be to finish work for the day, bring yourself back to the project at hand and be unconditionally in the doing of it.

If your to-do list or in-box or some unfinished business or unpleasant task is gnawing at you to be done, take the time to do it, mindfully, respectfully, and diligently. Leave the negative attitude out of it. Just make the phone call, write the letter, or file those papers—whatever it is. And it will be done. It will no longer take up space in your mind. Thus, you will start to create new work habits, and you’ll begin to feel better about each job and about yourself as a worker. Positive thinking will begin to replace negative thinking, and your attitude will naturally lean toward the positive without having to take any giant leap. You will exult in the doing of whatever it is you must do whenever it is that you must do it. Work will no longer be a bad word and something outside of you; it will become intrinsic to who you are. Your life will be a seamless flow of positive energy with work an integral part. All you have to do right now is turn the page and the rest will follow.

from Serenity in Motion – Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere

Serenity in Motion

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