Mindful Quotes for January

//Mindful Quotes for January

Mindful Quotes for January

As a new year begins and I look forward to some new and exciting possibilities, I find myself coming back to these few words of inspiration that always ground me. I hope you too can sit with these a while and take them with you into this year and beyond.

And check out more wonderful quotes about New Beginnings on our Imperfect Partners site. Happy 2015 to all!

Mindfulness in the New Year


“All of man’s woes derive from the fact that he cannot sit quietly in a room alone.”
Blaise Pascal


Think in this way of all this fleeting world:
As a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;
A dewdrop, a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.
The Diamond Sutra


“When it’s cold, shiver; when it’s hot sweat.”
Zen Saying


“If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.”
The Dalai Lama


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