Almost Ready!

//Almost Ready!

Almost Ready!

I got my box of books today to send out to the forty Goodreads Giveaway winners. The writing of them seems like a distant memory. And now I know once again: there’s more to writing than just writing!Box of Books

It’s hard to believe I had the idea for this series so long ago and now there are two. Alex, the main character—NYPD Detective and erstwhile Zen student—keeps nagging at me to write the third one. I think she wants to stay in New York City this time. And Uncle Charlie has been whispering sweet nothings as well. I can’t decide if I should kill him off or give him his own book.

The next five weeks, leading up to the release of book #2, Killing Sacred, will be full of promotional surprises: freebies, sneak peaks, special prices…

I’ve never sent a child off to college, but I imagine it might feel something like what I’m feeling now. One good thing: if I get lonely once Killing Sacred is on its way to readers, I’ll always be able to create another book. And since my writing group started up again this month, I’ll get started soon as these books are in the mail…

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