Bettina’s Fruit Tart

//Bettina’s Fruit Tart

Bettina’s Fruit Tart

Recently, some friends offered us their weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share of vegetables and fruit. They were leaving town for a couple weeks and wanted to share the bounty. Among the plethora of just harvested vegetables from Roxbury Farm was a quart of yellow plums. We were delighted.

The plums were delicious, but we wanted to not waste a one, so what better use of fresh summer fruit than a tart? I immediately went to my friend Bettina’s wonderful book, aptly named A Taste of Heaven and Earth, for her simple recipe. And voila! A summer treat that’s sweet, healthy and delicious!

Plum Tart

Bettina’s Fruit Tart Recipe

Sweet Tart Pastry Recipe

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