Meditation May Slow Brain Aging

//Meditation May Slow Brain Aging

Meditation May Slow Brain Aging

“A 2005 breakthrough study published in Neuroreport found meditation increased the thickness of the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Normally, as the brain ages the cortex thins and the brain shrinks. The prefrontal cortex is associated with attention, higher thought and planning.images-1

Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston took MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scans of 20 experienced meditators and 15 non-meditators. During scanning the meditators did insight meditation while the non-meditators thought about whatever they wanted.

The meditators practiced insight meditation for about six hours weekly for an average of nine years. Insight meditation cultivates mindfulness — an awareness of the present moment.”

Read the full article here: Meditation Positively Changes Brain Structure.

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