Seppo’s Pound Cake

//Seppo’s Pound Cake

Seppo’s Pound Cake

He calls it Hummingbird, I call it delicious!

I opened Three Bowls this week to select a recipe for this week’s blog and when the book fell open to this page I realized that I had never baked this one. I don’t even recall ever tasting it, which is odd since I spent so many hours cooking with Seppo and helping to make his delicious food, both before and after working on this book together.

Pound Cake

So, other than the crushed pineapples, I had everything on hand try it out. Michael offered to run to the store for the missing ingredient while I got to work. In no time at all it was in the oven and we had a scrumptious dessert ready for dinner.

In Seppo’s words: “This fragrant, moist, fruit filled variation on a southern classic doesn’t contain the ingredients usually associated with pound cake, but its texture is similarly dense.”

I love finding new recipes in old cookbooks. This one is now on our favorite list. Enjoy!

Seppo’s Hummingbird Pound Cake

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