Work Can Be a Drug

(an Escape, an Excuse, a Reason, an Alibi) ...continued from Frustrated Ambitions Sometimes we simply do not want to face ourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from self-examination once in a while, but often this break becomes a way of life and we never return to the mirror because our mind tells [...]

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Frustrated Ambitions

…continued from Three Bogeymen of Serenity Perhaps the most crucial impediment that we need to cast away as we progress toward the realization of our true work and enjoyment of it is our dualistic thinking. This operates everywhere and becomes especially vivid when we consider our status in the workplace. When we are young we [...]

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Work Harmony

It’s unfortunate that the routine of working has such a bad rap these days. Since we spend the bulk of our day working, our attitude toward it determines our level of harmony in relation to it. So if we are stuck in negativity—blaming our boss, the job itself, and the long hours we spend at [...]

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