90 Days of Writing in 90 Days

//90 Days of Writing in 90 Days

90 Days of Writing in 90 Days

I’ve published my first novel—hooray for me! And I’m halfway through writing the second one. Again, hooray for me!

It only took six published non-fiction books and too many years to assign an actual number to—who’s to know when I had my first inkling that I wanted to be a writer?—to finally settle into writing fiction. I started writing One Hand Killing somewhere around the turn of this century (that’s a wild notion) and published it last month. After many legacy publishers rejected it in 2008, I put it in a drawer, discouraged.

In 2009 I started the second book in what I hoped one day would become the Alex Sullivan Zen Mystery series. But with trying to make a living, teaching my classes, involvement in a small publishing venture, I gave up on the novel writing, figuring I’d get back to it at some point.

That some point is now. I’m not getting any younger. The drive to write fiction is still here. And, from what I’m learning from successful mystery authors, one book does not make a series. (I knew that!) So the sooner I get the next one out the better my chances of selling #1.

Plus, since One Hand Killing was my first full-length book attempt at fiction, I know my writing will get better, my characters will evolve, and I’ll give readers a choice.

So, I’ve given myself a writing challenge. 90 days of writing in 90 days.

Amanda Hocking (a wildly successful, young, self-published author) says it takes her 2-4 weeks to write one of her books. after thinking about it for a year.

I am not that sort of writer, though it might be something to aspire to. So, I’m giving myself 90 days to finish the first draft of Killing Sacred: the current working title of #2.

I’ve given up the idea of making money during this time so I can devote all my energy to writing (I really can’t afford not to make money, but I trust it won’t be for naught. Let’s just say this is my New Year’s gift to myself—and hopefully to some readers later this year.)

Other things I have to do during this time:

SEO my Website
Eat well
Have a little fun

I feel like Ben Franklin with his lists. Really, what I have to do is write!

If you’re a writer or an inspiring one, check out Joe Konrath and John Locke. They have both inspired me to do this. Thanks, guys. And thanks to all those writers on Kindleboards and all those working writers out there I haven’t been introduced to yet.

I already love being a part of this community that I am just now discovering; after all the years I spent in the book business it is a nice surprise. Let’s just say, you’re never too old to learn something new.

I will be posting my efforts on Twitter and this blog if you want to follow my progress.

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