Mindfulness and Meditation Can Improve Health

//Mindfulness and Meditation Can Improve Health

Mindfulness and Meditation Can Improve Health

It’s lovely to stumble upon a interview, and even audio,  promoting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation! Check out an excerpt here and click the link below for the full interview!

“Meditation is a practice, that’s why we call it a practice. It’s a behavior, if you will,” he says.

When Allen began exploring mindfulness and meditation he was in a clear minority. Today large_31569major corporations are encouraging mindfulness among employees and books will tell you how mindfulness can give you a competitive edge. A lot of practitioners caution though, the hope of gaining a competitive edge is not the reason to take up mindfulness. Just the same, Allen says he deeply values the role mindfulness has played in his career.

“For me, it really has been, many times, the difference between night and day, my ability to not succumb to in a catastrophic way to some of the stresses to both corporate life and later entrepreneurial life, wouldn’t have been able to do it without the practice,” he says.

The key here is stress. Mindfulness and meditation not only teach people how to manage stress, it can actually lower it.”


Read the full post and hear the audio here: Mindfulness and Meditation

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