Seppo’s Tofu Corn Chowder

//Seppo’s Tofu Corn Chowder

Seppo’s Tofu Corn Chowder

This soup by Seppo was created too late to make our 3 Bowls cookbook, but it’s become a favorite of mine especially for large gatherings like Sunday’s All Day Sit. It’s a comforting Tofu Corn Chowder potsoup for the fall with its array of colors and creamy texture. I usually mix in a bag of frozen green peas along with the corn, organic of course. It’s a crowd pleaser.

This week we served it with a salad of greens, radishes and cherry tomatoes tossed with Honey-Dijon Dressing with Lime, and two choices of corn bread (will save those two recipes for another day).

After eating we chant: “Having finished the midday meal, our bodily strength is fully restored…” And with this meal it certainly was. Thank you, Seppo, once again.


Seppo’s Tofu Corn Chowder*


Honey-Dijon Dressing with Lime


*Hand-written notes to the left indicate 30 servings, and to the right, for 50 servings.

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