Put It On the Shelf

Letting Go 3:4 …continued from Letting Go Whether we live in a bustling metropolis, a crowded suburb, or a sleepy rural area, most of us are always and utterly busy with things to do, places to go, people to see. And there’s never enough time to do it all. Feed the kids, walk the [...]

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Letting Go

Letting Go 3:3 …continued from Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn Letting go is probably the most difficult concept to grasp and the most challenging action to perform on the Quiet Corner path. Yet without this in our repertoire, all else is for naught. I continue to learn valuable lessons about myself and my world [...]

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Faith & Breathing

Faith Even if you take all the suggestions in my books and this blog, you are bound to come up against a wall now and then. You may sometimes wonder exactly what you are doing, as nothing seems to be happening. And at times throughout this quiet-corner process (there’s that term again!), you may question [...]

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Solitude or Isolation?

If You Think You Already Spend Too Much Time Alone There’s a thin line between solitude and isolation, between solitude and loneliness. The quality of the time spent alone separates the one from the other. We are social animals. We need the company of other people. Too much time spent unconnected can be unhealthy, especially [...]

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As you search for your quiet corner, your world will begin to expand and you’ll notice things that have been around all along. The empty lot on the corner teeming with wildflowers or the morning church bells may enter your consciousness for the first time. River Sunset What is your most receptive sense? [...]

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Becoming Aware 1:2 – Busy Mind

Situating Yourself: Busy Mind ...continued from Becoming Aware 1:1 - What is Our Purpose? Throughout this process we will be studying our mind. We will see how it controls us and learn to what extent we have control over it. Being human, most of us have very active minds. Generally, we just accept this as [...]

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