As you search for your quiet corner, your world will begin to expand and you’ll notice things that have been around all along. The empty lot on the corner teeming with wildflowers or the morning church bells may enter your consciousness for the first time.

River Sunset

River Sunset

What is your most receptive sense? Are you distracted and annoyed by unnaturally loud noises? Do you feel your body relax when at the ocean? If so, be on the lookout for an especially silent spot.

Do you notice a friend’s perfume? Do you volunteer to mow the lawn so that you’ll be the first to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass? Your sensitivities can direct you as you proceed in selecting a corner or two.

Perhaps your local park has a bed of roses you can park yourself next to so as to satisfy your visual and olfactory senses. If you loved the stillness of libraries as a child, you might try your neighborhood library for a hushed environment.

Create your own environment and include elements that speak directly to you.

There are certain times of the day that imbue almost any place with a sense of holiness. It’s the place in time that becomes special. For instance, sunrise or sunset can create an atmosphere that exists at no other time. Even special places have a time during the day when they become enhanced and more special than usual. Be on the lookout for this magical confluence of time and place.

As you continue to observe your surroundings and register your responses to their stimuli, your choices will become endless. Remaining alert and aware will broaden your reach. As you open up, so will your world.


from Find a Quiet Corner – A Simple Guide to Self-Peace

Find a Quiet Corner

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