Being Patient

No matter how quickly we want things to change or how much we want things, people, or situations to be different than they are or how much we want, period, the wisest choice is usually to do nothing. This is […]

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Mindful Quotes for May

We’ve moved out of New York City! My home for more than 40 years! I haven’t been on my site, on Twitter or FB for almost two weeks. I never understood why moving was always on the top of any […]

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Discovery 1:3 – Things Change

…continued from 7 Steps to Loving What You Do – Discovery 1:2

Few of us deny that the natural events in life—birth, death, illness, and aging—cause us pain, grief and sorrow. We accept that these occurrences are natural, yet each time […]

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Becoming Aware 1:5 – Your Quiet Voice

…continued from Becoming Aware 1:4 – Clean Sweep Your Mind

Your Quiet Voice

Once you start clearing your mind of your nagging mind questions and storing them away, you will begin to be ready to identify your quiet voice. It may have […]

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Trust the Process and Breathe

Trust in the Process
Whenever you are stuck, breathe. If you find yourself moving too fast, breathe. As you face an important decision, breathe. Breathing is crucial to your emotional and spiritual health. Whenever there is a question in your mind […]

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Just Waiting

Waiting—we all do it. We wait for the movie to start, the train to come, the weekend, our vacation. We can’t wait until we meet the “right” partner, we’re in the perfect job, or we have more money. What we’re […]

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