Frustrated Ambitions

…continued from Three Bogeymen of Serenity Perhaps the most crucial impediment that we need to cast away as we progress toward the realization of our true work and enjoyment of it is our dualistic thinking. This operates everywhere and becomes [...]

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Relax Your Toes to Relax Your Mind

Seeing the Big Picture 2:7 …continued from God is in the Details As we progress through our lives and construct layer upon layer of protection, our true self may get buried and lost to us, if only partially. No wonder [...]

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Zen Quotes for July

Being in a summer state of mind, with all the fresh farm produce being harvested around me, I went to one of my favorite Zen poetry books for this month’s quotes, appropriately titled A Zen Harvest. Enjoy the rich bounty! [...]

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Resistance to Meditation

The garbage needs to be emptied. The cat’s claws need to be clipped. The back closet needs cleaning, and that letter to Aunt Flo simply can’t wait any longer. As you approach or think about entering your quiet corner for [...]

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Work Harmony

It’s unfortunate that the routine of working has such a bad rap these days. Since we spend the bulk of our day working, our attitude toward it determines our level of harmony in relation to it. So if we are [...]

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Three Bogeymen of Serenity

…continued from – What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us As children, we learned to fear the mythical bogeyman. But time passes and we outgrow our childish fears. As adults, we give no thought to bogeymen, not realizing that we’ve [...]

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