Work Harmony

It’s unfortunate that the routine of working has such a bad rap these days. Since we spend the bulk of our day working, our attitude toward it determines our level of harmony in relation to it. So if we are [...]

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Three Bogeymen of Serenity

…continued from – What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us As children, we learned to fear the mythical bogeyman. But time passes and we outgrow our childish fears. As adults, we give no thought to bogeymen, not realizing that we’ve [...]

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God is in the Details

Seeing the Big Picture 2:6 …continued from Learning to See Again If you take the suggestions outlined here, you will begin to notice your awareness blossom. As you open to your world, start paying attention to the details around you. [...]

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Quotes for June

One purpose of our practice is to enjoy our old age. But we can’t fool ourselves. Only sincere practice will work. Suzuki Roshi Boun's Buddhas We have been conditioned to withdraw our awareness from the unpleasant. Break that [...]

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More About Breathing

As the days pass, you will have begun to practice your breathing and homed in on a quiet corner or two. You can now begin to extend your breathing practice. Once you settle into your corner, sit down in a [...]

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Mindful Bathing

There are certain daily practices that we all engage in to maintain our physical and mental health, with eating, sleeping, and bathing being the three main ones. Whether you’re mindful of it or not, most likely you already have established [...]

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