Mindful Quotes for July

Nearing the end of my five-week class at the JCC, I feel inspired to post a few gems of wisdom that I share over and over again with my meditation groups, words and inspiration from ancient and contemporary masters that […]

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The Practice of Being in Motion

There is a grave misconception that serenity can only be had while meditating and that meditation can only be done in a quiet room with no distractions. Many people think that meditation is a break from life, a mind vacation, […]

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Discovery 1:4 – Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

…continued from 7 Steps to Loving What You Do – Discovery 1:3 – Things Change

In Western culture we are conditioned to praise the individual on the one hand and to be like everyone else on the other. As […]

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Becoming Aware 1:6 – First Things First

Becoming Aware 1:6

…continued from Becoming Aware 1:5 – Your Quiet Voice

First Things First

Often the hardest thing about starting anything new, challenging, or creative, like embarking on this Quiet Corner journey, is simply that—starting. Our mind, our doubts, our fears, the […]

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Mindful Quotes for June

I finally finished unpacking and shelving all my books after our move to the country. In doing so I rediscovered so many jewels that were sitting unseen on my bookshelves and I now have a new pile to read and […]

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Quiet Corner Creativity

What Is a Quiet Corner?
A moment in time, a place in time, a breath. A quiet corner can be found anywhere, can be created anytime. It is an attitude, an outlook. It can be found in your particular approach to […]

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