Sour Cherry Pie with Pistachio Crumble

We were invited to a July 4th party this year in our new hometown of Germantown, NY, where we met some lovely people who live in the area. The hosts, Alex & David, are the ones who introduced us to […]

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Discovery 1:5 – Our Ordinariness

Our Ordinariness

…continued from 7 Steps to Loving What You Do – Discovery 1:4 – Follow the Leader

Do you compartmentalize your life? Do you have a work persona that is different from your leisure persona or the persona you bring to […]

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Becoming Aware 1:7 – Just Sitting

…continued from Becoming Aware 1:6 – Your Quiet Voice

Just Sitting

While much of what we do to be in tune with our own true voice involves action, the most important activity appears on the surface to be one of nonaction. Yet […]

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Best Time to Meditate

Early morning is the perfect time to begin looking for your quiet corner meditation. Getting up fifteen minutes to a half hour earlier than usual will give you plenty of time to spend on this new journey. And being awake […]

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Mindful Quotes for July

Nearing the end of my five-week class at the JCC, I feel inspired to post a few gems of wisdom that I share over and over again with my meditation groups, words and inspiration from ancient and contemporary masters that […]

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The Practice of Being in Motion

There is a grave misconception that serenity can only be had while meditating and that meditation can only be done in a quiet room with no distractions. Many people think that meditation is a break from life, a mind vacation, […]

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