30 Sits in 30 Days

//30 Sits in 30 Days

30 Sits in 30 Days

30 days ago today, one of my students had a brilliant idea.

We were on hiatus from our weekly class (more on the hiatus and the class later), and without the support and encouragement that she got from the group sitting practice she was finding it challenging to get to the cushion every day. In fact, her practice had deteriorated to the point that it was almost non-existent, on her own, alone in her apartment.

So she emailed the members of our little Quiet Corner Sangha and suggested that we all join her in committing to sitting every day for the next month. 30 sits in 30 days. And to emailing the group each day about our practice.

To my surprise and delight, eight of us signed on, made a vow together, and began our cyber-space sitting group. Since that first day, four others have joined us, so we’re now up to 12 regular participants.

We are convening tonight for a live, 30th day celebratory sit – and as it so often happens with people’s schedules, all 12 of us can’t make it. But we’ll all be sitting together nonetheless. And tonight I suspect we shall renew our vow to sit for 30 more days together, and 30 after that, and so on…

Thank you, Deb, for the inspiration to do this. I’m sure had it come from me – the “teacher” – it wouldn’t have been quite so successful.

I bow to you all, my students, my teachers. You all inspire me and help make my practice stronger.

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  1. Vigi Cadunz August 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm - Reply

    Second Cycle of 30 of 30 Zazen
    Day 6 of 30 July 13th

    sat for 30 min. this evening.
    i have to say it was pretty amazing.
    i was really just with my breath, not too much
    thinking or movies going on. when the thoughts would start
    to enter my mind i was able to get myself back to just breathing.
    the evening light of the sunset shining into my room was beautiful.
    i felt so much gratitude, don’t know why, i just did.
    tonight’s meditation was very enjoyable.

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