Best Time to Meditate

//Best Time to Meditate

Best Time to Meditate

Early morning is the perfect time to begin looking for your quiet corner meditation. Getting up fifteen minutes to a half hour earlier than usual will give you plenty of time to spend on this new journey. And being awake before the rest of your world will add a new and peaceful dimension to your day. Simply by changing your normal patterns, your perspectives will shift. Try waking early as a new routine for a week. Then decide if it’s the right time for your quiet corner.

If morning becomes you, the gifts waiting for you at that time of day will quickly penetrate your awareness.

Sound changes dramatically in the early morning; light and shadows are uniquely displayed. Both inside and outside the home everything is different. People sounds are softer as the world belongs to other life. Taking a slow stroll through your neighborhood, you can hear the musical chattering of birds. Walking to a nearby park, you can listen to the wind stirring the treetops. Sit by the water. As you breathe in the soothing quiet of early morning, you’ll enter your day with a new measure of calm.


Schedule a Meeting with Yourself
Although our days get so jam-packed with activity, we always seem to be able to squeeze in one more thing: a meeting with the boss or a special client, an interview with our child’s teacher or caregiver, a lunch or dinner date with a special friend. Somehow we manage to get things done even though a nagging voice at the back of our brains often tells us we should do more, more, more.

Try to fit yourself into your day. Consider this appointment with yourself as your most critical one and change it only in a dire emergency.

Write it in your date book, even. Be careful, though, not to choose the most difficult time for yourself. Setting yourself up to miss this most important appointment will only lead to discouragement and delay. One day at a time decide that you are the most important date on your calendar.

Taking time for yourself is life-affirming. It will teach you that anything is possible if you continue the practice. This is just the beginning.

from Find a Quiet Corner – A Simple Guide to Self-Peace

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