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Bike Writing

I write volumes in my head while riding my bicycle. Recently, while on vacation in Vermont, I averaged about 25 miles a day. By the end of 7 days I had written a best-selling novel and a few blog posts—all in my head.

If only I had a wire attached to my brain to record it all. Hell, maybe that’s a good idea for a sci-fi novel. Or maybe it’s already been written. Doesn’t matter, it entertains me. Besides, most of what goes through my head while on the bike is best left on the road.

Until I begin climbing hills and the rhythm of riding takes over, when I get seduced by the scenery and the motion of the wheels and gears turning into just pedaling and not thinking so much, I might stop to jot a note or take a picture lest I forget whatever brilliant idea is coursing through the grey matter at that moment.

Here are some random notes from a recent ride:

  • Can there be too much green? (I stopped to snap the photo here)
  • Everything good happens on the exhale: insight, orgasm, deep thoughts…
  • Everything bad happens on the inhale: fear, anxiety, worry…
  • Don’t bother inhaling.
  • Sugar ain’t sweet.
  • FEAR: feel everything and ride; fuck everything and run; face everything and relax.
  • Move your body, write your mind.
  • Bicycle Buddha.
  • Graham Greene only wrote 500 words a day.
  • Ernest Hemingway always left a sentence unfinished at the end of a day of writing.

Now it’s time to get on my bike, take a few spins around Central Park, see what’s in my brain, what needs clearing out and what might remain at the end of it.

Have a good thought today.

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