Focus on the Negative?

//Focus on the Negative?

Focus on the Negative?

I got caught in a summer downpour today on my bicycle and loved it. If it had happened just 24 hours ago I would have blamed it on Mercury Retrograde and been miserable. I would have rued the day and settled into an oh-woe-is-me-when-will-it-end state of mind.

My soaking wet bike shoes and helmet

I don’t make decisions in my life based on the stars and position of the planets, but I’ve noticed over the years that every time I’m cranky for more than a few hours, or there’s some technological crisis to deal with, or communication with anyone at all, including the bus driver, is challenging, sure enough, when I check some astrological calendar Mercury is always in Retrograde.

So I began to put it on my calendar and brace myself for it every time. I dreaded the three or four weeks that it lasted and wished I could speed up time. I was told by everyone who writes about astrology not to sign any contracts, or start any new projects, or make too many travel plans as it could all be disrupted and fall apart. Before today, I was about to write off the whole month of July, and not follow my heart about a few projects that I’m working on.

And then I read my July horoscope by Susan Miller and my whole attitude changed. Yes, Mercury affects my sign more than most, and, yes, there will be some challenges this month as a result, but there were so many positive elements mentioned regarding my career and having fun, that were in line with what has actually been happening for me, that I chose to believe it.

I won’t hold my breath on any of it, but I will bow to the negative, allow its existence, and then keep a positive attitude and trust my instincts. I know, and knew before I read that column, that good things are in store for me this year. I just can’t let that one negative voice in the crowd drown out all the others.

And then I got caught in the rain. And had a blast!

So, should we focus on the negative? Absolutely! Just don’t stay there too long.

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