Sunday’s Half-Day Silent Sit!

//Sunday’s Half-Day Silent Sit!

Sunday’s Half-Day Silent Sit!

Time flies like an arrow and moves much too swiftly. Although our all day sit was shortened to a half day, it was all the more intense and deep for we knew it would be over in a flash. And so it was, so still in the zendo as we sat together supporting each other, aware of each breath, each moment, feeling our collective breath with the fall wind stirring up outside and blowing into the windows, trees rustling and the sound of time passing all around us. We were all grateful for the precious opportunity to sit together in silence, the smell of incense wafting through the room, our bodies settling down into our cushions. It was so full and rich that four hours seemed like a full day, Enriching and Wonderful!

Here are some photos from our day, enjoy!

Zendo, ready for sitting!


Kinhin, Walking meditation.

Kinhin, Walking meditation

Sitting Buddhas.

Preparing tea.

Tea pouring.

Treats to accompany the tea: recipe to come soon!


In the moment.

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  1. Michael Levine September 30, 2013 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    That laughing Buddha woman making the tea sure is beautiful. I bet her tea is good too!

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