The Paradox of Meditation

//The Paradox of Meditation

The Paradox of Meditation

So Easy, Yet So Hard
You need no special skills to face a quiet corner—no special talents, no special brainpower. Each one of us has the raw material necessary. Desire is a requirement, but if you’re reading this, you already have that. Simply set some time aside, choose a spot, get comfortable, breathe, and voilà—a quiet corner! Sounds easy, so why is it so hard?

A Sunflower

A Sunflower

Fear of the unknown, of ourselves, of change. The idea of being quiet and alone with ourselves is a foreign one. Many of us are more comfortable in situations where we know what to expect, even if it’s painful, than in situations where there’s uncertainty. But life is uncertain, and even if we think we know how something will turn out, we don’t.

If you push through the fear and concentrate on the easy aspects of your quiet corner, once you’re in there you’ll be able to deal with the hard aspects. If you don’t take the risk, you’ll never know. But if you do, once you’re on the other side of your fear, you will be able to look at and understand it.

Use the fear as your teacher, and the lessons you learn will be useful and everlasting.

You may find that after a quiet-corner session, your fear has abated and your willingness to embrace change is strong. As a matter of fact, strength to face many areas of your life might surface, as facing your fear will give you courage to move into other previously scary territory. So dance with your fear, and glide into new and exciting personal exploration arenas.

Who’s Looking?
Awards ceremonies, diplomas, honor rolls, first-place medals, promotions, pay raises, scholarships—these are just some of the ways that our society recognizes and rewards achievement. It is often what motivates us, the carrot at the end of the stick. When we search for a quiet corner, there is no tangible carrot awaiting us. And we’re not being graded. No one is watching.

We enter the stream alone and report back only to ourselves. The rewards are quiet, subtle ones—no marching bands. When we keep at it, those we love will share in the benefits without perhaps even knowing how or why. And there’s no need to share the specifics of your transformation with others. Let it be your secret.

Let your quiet corner be a place where you commune with yourself and, if it works for you, with your higher power. No one is watching. But everyone gains.


from Find a Quiet Corner – A Simple Guide to Self-Peace

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