Time for Solitude

//Time for Solitude

Time for Solitude

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Desire is the only requirement necessary to find the time. But find the time we must. Otherwise, all intention of finding a quiet corner will remain in our heads as just another good idea. Probably one-quarter of my memory bank was filled with such notions—creative ideas that sat idly by waiting for me to take some action. Little by little, though, as I spend time in my quiet corner (one idea I had a strong enough desire to liberate), I am examining each of these old ideas, resurrecting some, quietly laying others to rest—doing some housecleaning of my crowded mind.

November Gray Beauty

November Gray Beauty

If you feed your desire to spend some time in your own quiet corner, you will find the time. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there. Before you know it, as you get back in touch with yourself and your mind begins to clear, you’ll look forward to the fifteen minutes at the end of your workday that you’ve set aside for yourself. And you’ll begin to find other chunks of time waiting for you.

Clichés stand the test of time because of the truth nestled in them. One cliché comes to mind here: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You could also say, “Where there’s desire, there’s time for a quiet corner.”

If you’re unaccustomed to spending time alone, it will take some time to adjust to the idea and then to the experience of aloneness.

Solitude need not be lonely. In fact, as you learn how to spend your time, a sense of richness within you will develop and any problem of feeling alone will fade away.

You’ll become absorbed in your activity, and the outside world will cease to exist. Outside pressures will quiet down, and the demands put on you by yourself and others will subside. When you return to your world, you’ll have a fuller appreciation of the people in your life and more love in your heart.

You might flinch at the idea of spending time alone. Perhaps your memories of time spent alone are sad ones associated with loneliness. Or maybe you’re the type who loves to be surrounded by people, and when no one’s around, the TV or radio will be on just for the company. Instead of thinking your quiet corner will take you away from others, think of being alone in your quiet corner as a means of bringing you closer to the people in your life. This outlook might make your quiet corner easier to face at first. After some time, when you realize the truth of this, you’ll settle down and your resistance will gradually disappear.


from Find a Quiet Corner – A Simple Guide to Self-Peace

Find a Quiet Corner

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