Being Patient

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Being Patient

No matter how quickly we want things to change or how much we want things, people, or situations to be different than they are or how much we want, period, the wisest choice is usually to do nothing. This is the ultimate being-still practice. Doing nothing seems like just that: nothing. Perhaps on the surface it looks that way, but when we do nothing there is a lot going on. This something is called life.



Consider the word life for just a moment. What is it? See if you can detach from what you call your life and become an observer, a detached anthropologist of what it is you call your life.

Can you see that you cannot know how events in your life will evolve? Can you see that your life has energy with or without your hands on the controls and that it usually goes much smoother if you let go?

Can you feel the calm that results from stepping aside for these few moments as you observe this phenomenon called your life, and let life live you rather than you living life?

If you do not experience these things right away, do not worry. Practicing the patience to let life events unfold on their own will give you an opportunity to truly participate in your life rather than continually trying to control the outcome, the results, and the solution. And this practice will lead to equanimity and a life filled with life. Ask yourself, what more could you want?

As you continue to practice patience, you will know that all is as it should be and your job is simply to show up and ask each day how you can be of service to yourself, your loved ones and others, and your life. And remember that all answers will be revealed, as my spiritual teacher is fond of saying, “with the readiness of time.”

To put it another way, being patient is simply this: just being and expecting nothing.

from Serenity in Motion – Inner Peace: Anytime, Anywhere

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  1. Michael Levine May 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    easy for you to say! ha ha! good words. thank you.

  2. Mary Lou Caine May 22, 2015 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    On good days I can sometimes remember to do this. Most days it’s a challenge ☺ Thanks for a good post!

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