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Quiet Corner Creativity

What Is a Quiet Corner?
A moment in time, a place in time, a breath. A quiet corner can be found anywhere, can be created anytime. It is an attitude, an outlook. It can be found in your particular approach to your particular day. A quiet corner simply needs a slight shift in perspective to emerge.
Patrick's Art

A quiet corner is the calm after a storm. Think of a morning after a snowstorm, your world buried under a foot or two of snow. Venturing outside, you may notice the effects of this blanket of white. Before the roads are plowed and cars dug out, there is no traffic noise. Most people, while perhaps dreading the shovel, are smiling and awed by the beauty of it all. You might think more carefully about each step you take. Once you’ve given in to this force of nature, you are in the moment aware only of your next move, not thinking of tomorrow. You can’t take your usual path; you must rethink things. Your perspective shifts. You are in a quiet corner.

But it needn’t take a dramatic act of nature to create a quiet corner. Once you identify this state of grace, you can learn to create it on your own. All it takes is a decision and a resignation. Give up your usual practices, leave at the door of your quiet corner all expectations, and be prepared to enter a world where anything is possible.

Be Creative
If your creative activity has slowed down or become dormant over time, you can slowly start nurturing it back to life as you seek your quiet corner. In fact, you’ll need to engage and develop your creative juices, because even though your quiet corner may be right in front of you, you’ll just continue to trip over it and ignore it until you become willing to see it and use it. Creativity comes into play and touches on all aspects of your quiet corner.

Play is a key word here. Approach your quiet corner as you would your own personal playground. You know yourself better than anyone; you know what works best for you, what inspires and stimulates you. As your creativity reawakens, encourage it and feed it. Try not to approach your quiet corner as a chore, something that you must do to achieve something, even if that something is joy and harmony. Try to approach your quiet corner in a playful manner. Think of it as a break for enjoyment rather than work. Try not to edit your thoughts as you begin.

Let your imagination run wild and nurture your creative mind. We all have creative minds, and it is in your quiet corner that you can retrieve yours.

One of my quiet corners came to me in a dream. The time before, during, and after sleep is my quiet-corner creative-thinking time. I’m relaxed enough to hear my right brain and willing enough to listen.

Go gently. Let go and trust yourself as you learn to explore your creative instincts.

from Find a Quiet Corner – A Simple Guide to Self-Peace

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  1. Michael Levine May 28, 2015 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    I sighed a sigh of relaxation reading your piece. I am inspired approach my quiet corner, the road, more peacefully and serenely. thanks for the quiet push!

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